Girl-Empowering '09 Budget

Send “this letter to your Representatives encouraging the Senate and House of Representatives to add $7.1 billion for education, training and social services that will empower girls (and boys) to the 2009 Federal Budget.

“A budget resolution is a statement of a nation’s priorities. To meet the demands of the 21st century workforce, I believe it is crucial that the federal government maintain its commitment to funding quality education programs at all levels.

The additional $7.1 billion for education, training, and social services provided for in the proposed budget resolution will allow Congress to improve No Child Left Behind programs, fund the Higher Education Act, and improve U.S. global competitiveness. These and other vital education programs are critical to America’s role and position in the world.

While the president’s budget would eliminate dozens of education programs and create new voucher programs, I believe these are the wrong priorities for our nation. Now is the time to invest in education and training programs that prepare students for a competitive 21st century economy.”

American Association of University Women makes it simple – just follow this link and send the letter and take action to empower your daughter. It takes two minutes to be an activist for education.

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