From Heaven: Gold Clutch and $2 Million

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Realm Hopping

I took manifesting to a new level last week.

I brought a gold clutch back from Heaven. Seriously.

I’ve been hanging out in the Spirit Realm lately. It’s beyond visualization, it’s more like Realm Hopping.

This is The Year of Yes! , the year I do everything my Soul tells me to do. My Soul told me to do something and I resisted for seven years = misery. I want a divorce. I want a divorce. I want a divorce. I want a divorce. She chanted it relentlessly until she finally got it. The peace and relief that washed over me once she got what she wanted was so luxuriously soothing to me that I thought,

What if I just did everything she said? (Since she’s always going to get what she wants anyway.)

My Soul, my Inner Wise Woman, as I like to call her, encouraged me to do some past life regression therapy with my friend Patsy Seay Dollar at Isabella Illuminate via Skype. I won’t divulge the details of my three sessions, you’ll have to buy The Year of Yes memoir when it comes out in 2014 (the details are juicy!), but I will tell you about one little piece of the last session.

Generate Emotion

My Soul was resistant, frustrated and exasperated with the Universe during the session. She refused to follow directions and plunge into another past life. Rather what she wanted was to take advantage of the fact that she was in the Spirit Realm so she could give the Universe clarity about what she wants right now.

THIS will do. THAT will NOT. I have had enough of THIS and now I want THAT! she declared.

Oh, I know, you’re supposed to get into this Zen-like state and generate EXCITEMENT!!!! and JOY!!! and visualize yourself having what you want and really feeling that emotion when you’re trying to attract something, all the experts say so. But, that’s emotional acrobatics, which takes a lot of stinking energy and in my experience the results are mixed.

Law of Specificity

That kind of emotional acrobatics is not how I got the thing that I wanted more than anything else in the world for seven years—to be liberated from Texas. I tried every damn one of the methods described in Law of Attraction materials, classes and workshops to escape from that pit of fear and loathing. I put images and words on every dream board I did like, “California Coastal Town” and “Portland, Oregon.” I was having tremendous success with all kinds of other things that I wanted to attract, but I was completely and miserably stuck in Texas and I couldn’t figure out why. I was trying to obey the Law of Specificity—the law by which the Universe understands exactly what you want because you have decided and declared it—by saying exactly where I wanted to move.

Finally, I got exasperated with the Universe. I got fed up and pissed off—I was waaaaay beyond frustrated.

God! I haven’t been everywhere in the world! I don’t know where the perfect place in the Universe for us is, but I know you know. So take us there! Now! I finally shouted at the heavens.

Within months my wasband’s company had gone bankrupt and we were given the opportunity to move to Fort Collins, Colorado and I can’t imagine a more perfect place for us.

Now back to my excursion into heaven where my Soul is laying down the Law with the God Team and deciding and declaring what she wants with real specificity packed with highly-charged emotion. Not woo woo lovey dovey “I can see myself having it and it feels all gooey happy” emotion, not with the kind of begging sort of prayer that a lot of religions pray with, and not like the kind of bargaining prayer that people use when they are facing a shit storm that they want out of—no, this was an exasperated, fedupedness and a fierce resolve resonating from my wombspace that was packed with the kind of power that comes when you know that hey, this is my life experience and I’m choosing something here, now freaking help me

The Gold Having Room 

Following this my Soul went into a room full of golden light and all the things I wanted were floating around. I was carrying a gold clutch. Why? I don’t know, it’s not a bag I would typically carry and I certainly don’t own one and never wanted one, but this is what my Soul chose. I danced around the room delighted that everything was within my grasp, including a super sensual beautiful body with phenomenal breasts. (Hey, the Soul wants what the Soul wants.) It was all love and joy and living and having in there. I liked it.

As I was leaving my Gold Having Room I grabbed $1 million in cash and stuck it in my gold clutch. Then I thought better of it—and grabbed another.

Oh don’t you even try to act like you don’t know that this matters down there! I’m living like this!  I exasperatedly told my God Team as I sauntered out of the room with my bundles of money and I threw the clutch over the wall to the Earth side.

Art of Surrender

The next day I practiced the Art of Surrender, which had worked to free me from Texas and my marriage. It may be exasperated surrender, but it is surrender none-the-less.

God, I concede that I don’t know who my perfect man is, but I know you do! Based on my past experience with men I release you to choose the perfect man for me, for us. You now have my list of what I think I need, what I think I want. You know my heart, you know better what will make me happy than I do. Bring the perfect man for me. 

God, I concede that I haven’t had enough experience with enough different types of clients to define exactly who my perfect client is, but I know you know. You know my heart, my desires and my skill set. Bring me the perfect clients who can benefit from my skills, energy, talents and services. Use me. Help me let my light shine.  

Heavenly Purse

The next day I found my Soul’s gold clutch in my favorite thrift store for $2.50. I wasn’t even surprised.

This is that gold clutch, people. It is not a similar gold clutch. It is THE gold clutch. I’ve just been staring at it for days now marveling at the fact that I brought a gold clutch, a tangible object, from Heaven to Earth. I manifested a gold clutch. If I have that kind of power, what else can I manifest?

The $2 million?

Yes. Thank You. More Please. So Easy. 

Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach, at  She is the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories. Contact her at

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