Fit Girl Series – Eat This, Not That!


I bought that book Eat This, Not That! and already I’ve found a list of foods where I’m totally falling for the lies on the packaging.

Eat This, Not That! is crafted to specifically target belly fat—by filling you with smart, healthy choices that rev up your resting metabolism and helping you burn away flab all day, every day, even while you sleep! Sign me up for that.

Keep in mind – I read the labels now. I try to figure out which noodles are really the healthy ones. I try to figure out which bread makes the healthiest sandwich. I have stood there for 45 minutes reading all the lies and misinformation all over the packaging – weighing organic against price, trying to see through all the claims meant to confuse. Just on the cheese aisle. But, as I said – it’s really, really complicated when they’re BIG FAT LIARS! I bought the adult book because we eat all the same things in this family – the children do not get their own cartoonized food.

But, here are some foods we’ve been buying believing they were the healthier choice or the “not that bad” choice, but it turns out we’re wrong.  We make a lot of these choices because we can get them for way cheaper at Sams Club.

sausage eat this not that

We’re eating the turkey one from here on out.

prego eat this not that

Prego Sauces taste better than Ragu. But, it’s scratch from here on out. I make a killer sauce anyway.

light mayo eat this not that

We’ve been buying the light mayo, but it says you cut half the calories if you buy the Mayo Olive Oil and there are actual health benefits. I didn’t know what to think about the olive oil mayo before.

tortillas eat this not that

I was totally falling for the “muli-grain claim” in the wraps and feeling bad about the flour tortillas. Turns out it’s the White Corn Tortillas that are the Eat This! recommendation.

Okay, I’m off to the grocery store now. Hopefully this new tool will reduce the amount of stress I feel as I stand before the many, many choices. I seriously do think quite a lot of our family’s weight issue is accidental calories hidden in the foods we think are healthy.

Visit the Eat This, Not That! website and there is even a menu decoder for when you’re eating out.

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