First Crush

Hey Ainsley, remember when I told you that if Austin was hitting you that meant he liked you?


Well, I was wrong to tell you that. I don’t ever want you to think anyone, ever has any right to treat you with disrespect. I want you to always expect respect, especially from boys who like you. A boy never, ever has any right to hit you, slap you or call you names.

And if a Austin likes you he needs to find a better, nicer way to express himself. You always deserve that. Do you understand?

Yes. Well, we were just playing tag ball and the ball hurts when you get tagged so we had to take some time outs.

Okay. When is a boy allowed to hit you or call you names?


What are you going to do if it happens?

Tell him to stop and come get you or the teacher.

Okay then. Good.

Read the original exchange at He’s Always Hitting Me.

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