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Fighting To Be Heard, Afraid To Be Seen

genius zoneThere were so many times while I was writing my book the Year of YES! that I had to fight myself to recognize my own worth and value. I knew that my book was important. I knew that I had to write it and publish it, but there were times that I struggled so much to recognize that what I had to offer was worth it to others too, not just for my own Soul.

There are times when we need to get up and fight to express ourselves so that we can release our Voice. We write in our journals, we create art that no one will see, we go on zip lines, or on trips. We do these things to express to ourselves and to the world that we are alive, that we still have a voice, and that we know how to use it.

Then there are those things that we know we are being called to do. We hear the little voice over and over again in our heads:

Write the book. Write the book. Write the book. The world needs you. This can help heal the world around you. They need your voice. You have something distinctive to offer. Your message matters.

Your authenticity is absolutely needed in this world. We need people who are experts in their fields to stand up, start discussions, and help us move to the next level of consciousness. We need to challenge ourselves and the world around us to start living at a higher level.

We are being called to be MORE. We are being called to live BIGGER. And it’s time for you to be SEEN.

No more hiding. No more being afraid. You are ENOUGH. Your voice is NEEDED.

If you’re struggling to get your voice out there, publish your book, and live the bigger life that you know is calling you, then reach out and let’s talk about how I can help that happen.

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