Femimother Must Go On Vacation Alone

By Tracee Sioux

One of the best ways to empower children, in my experience, is to get away without them for a weekend. It sends the message that they can and should be somewhat independent. They will, after all, be going out in the world without me eventually.

It gives their father the opportunity to be their primary caregiver (though there is a rumor going around that he’s asked his mom to babysit while he plays golf on Father’s Day.) Happy Father’s Day Honey! It also gives the impression that I, though I am their mother, can and should take time for my self. I existed pre-kid and I will exist post-kid, and in the meantime, I can take a vacation from them.

I expect this weekend to be quite liberating. I’m going to Houston on a little errand for a family member in need of a wheelchair. I’m going to pick one up and hang out with a good friend of mine. Oh the pure pleasure of a good deed turned run of good luck. The best, absolutely best part about the whole deal is that she has not had children yet. So our conversations need not include children, nor do they need to be interrupted by the demands of any. My appendages are staying home. I do not intend to prattle on endlessly about them. They already get nearly all of my time and attention.

I adore my children, but sometimes after one of them has been sick and we’ve been home all week and my husband has had meetings virtually every night, I’m just plain tired of their company. And that’s not only okay – I think it’s the healthiest part of my femimothering style.

I must go out and have fun and have adult conversation and feel like a self again. I will be back on Monday to do my mothering (and my blogging) and no one will have suffered.

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