Female Bias

“The bias came from an unlikely source — female reviewers.”

This is from a report on Politics Daily about our collective bias against females.

Is it an unlikely source? Really?

Think back on your life. Is it really shocking that other women are holding women back? Who was harsher on Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton?

Men? Not nearly as vicious, in my opinion.

Who’s been your worst boss ever?

A man? A woman.<——-

Maybe they’re all just better. At everything. Men, I mean.

“So despite the Post‘s good intentions, this “democratization [did] not guarantee impartiality,” according to Rouse, “because favorites could still be identified” by photo, name and resume.”

News Flash you will, and I will, and all girls will, be favored or not based on our photo, name and resume.

The Washington Post chose a male to compliment its 78% male columnist roster as America’s Next Great Pundit.  There’s only 12% of women represented in PunditLand. The Washington Post and its readers chose a man. It’s readers chose a man.

The whole freaking world just likes men more than women, boys more than girls. Dispite all the murder, violence, war and rape – we still like what they have to say better. It is the way it is. They must be better at everything, all evidence points to it.

What can be done?

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