FCC Slams Bus Radio – Finally


What really pissed me off about conservative “outrage” about the President of the United States giving a speech to motivate students to stay in school is conservative in-authenticity and duplicity.

The thing is, there really are inappropriate things going on in our schools and I have yet to see conservatives voice any outrage. Capitol One has its logo on my conservative town’s high school sign. That’s marketing that contributes to irresponsible credit card usage, which contributed greatly to our 2008 economic collapse. But, isn’t it great they got a “free” sign?

Let’s face it, we don’t really care what our children are exposed to in this country. We allow marketers and advertisers on Channel One and Bus Radio in our public schools across the nation. Bus Radio has been targeted by the Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood for playing extremely inappropriate commercials for the smutty Beverly Hills 90210 to Kindergartners.

The FCC has recently taken action against Bus Radio.

This is the first time since I began reporting on these issues three years ago that I’ve seen the Federal Communications Commission do a single worthwhile thing. Under President George W. Bush it was a complete free-for-all for marketers and advertisers targeting children in school settings, on playgrounds, and on children’s television. It’s not much better now. God willing, this is only the first step of the FCC coming off the sugar rush of hyper-capitalism to actually do what their supposed to do – protect our children’s brains.

Taken from the CFCC email the FCC charged BusRadio with:

  • BusRadio’s claim of a maximum of 8 minutes of ads per hour vastly understates the amount of its commercial content (p. 18).
  • BusRadio exploits the relationship between its on-air personalities and young listeners by having its DJs pitch products directly to students, a practice which is prohibited by the FCC in broadcast media for children (p.20).
  • BusRadio’s programming and website for students fail to maintain a clear distinction between editorial and commercial content, as required by the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (p.20 & 21).
  • BusRadio  “fails to enable parents to avoid exposure of their children to undesirable content” (p.13).
  • BusRadio may make school buses less safe by distracting drivers (p.23).

What does this tell me?

What President Obama should do to make sure kids hear his positive message in schools is to BUY AN AD because Conservatives, nay Americans, are more than willing to allow them access to America’s impressionable children.

Make sure it’s only the first step the FCC takes to do. their. job. by signing a CFCC petition to stop marketing sexual and violent PG-13 commercials to preschoolers.

I, personally, am all-out rooting for CCFC’s efforts to ask the Obama Administration, the FCC and the FTC to re-examine policy about children’s television.

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