FTC Researching PG-13 Marketing

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has finally agreed to research how companies market PG-13 advertising to preschoolers and elementary-aged children.

The idea being that if your movie is PG-13 then you should not be marketing in Happy Meals, because those are generally purchased by small children. Nor should commercials run during television shows mean for pre-schoolers and elementary-aged children. Nor should they hand out movie paraphernalia in schools to primary kids.

Does this mean they shouldn’t be allowed to advertise?

Does this mean they should not be allowed to make their movie?

Does this mean they shouldn’t be allowed to market products in connection to their film?

Does this infringe on their free speech?

No, idiot.

It means, they should direct advertising and marketing afforts to those people for whom the film is age-appropriate, in this case, 13-year-olds and older.

More information about what the FTC has agreed to consider and how YOU can have a real impact on the FTC’s decisions visit Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.

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