Got Questions?

here are some answers to the most common questions

  • Do you Ghost Write?

    Absolutely. Many of our authors are too busy. Many of them have a great story or important knowledge that needs to be out in the world—but maybe their writing skills aren’t up to par.

  • Do you do all the work in house?

    We do. Here’s the reason: having dealt with various contractors of writers, editors and designers we find that most are unreliable and not up to our standards. We have impeccable standers. We take this craft and art seriously and have great respect for the written work.

  • Is this expensive?

    We offer all-inclusive services. Which means we take the concept, write/edit it, format and design the interior and cover, handle the administration of publication and distribution and position the book in the best possible way to meet your goals and intention for your book.

    Remember, this is a one-time investment and we take zero proceeds from book sales. It’s also a tax write off.

  • Do you do marketing?

    We do not. However, we work with a company with proven results who can assist you with a big launch—many of their books reach Amazon Best Seller status. It’s very reasonably priced.

  • What kinds of books do you publish?

    Whether it’s a fiction novel, a memoir, a self-help, a how-to or business book we publish that. Craft is craft. We approach all books as craft and we take our work and the end result extremely seriously. We’re interested in getting your book into the world in the most beautiful way possible.

  • Do you offer a la carte services?

    Not if we can help it. We want to publish the most cohesive book possible. This is on a case by case basis. We will not publish a book we haven’t edited. We won’t publish a book with an ugly cover. We only want to publish books with the highest possible quality. We have found that piece-meal work doesn’t produce the best results and frankly, we either don’t make any money and it costs the author more in the long run.