Empowering Girls: Teen Sex Opera Pop Up

This is Gossip Girl’s new ad campaign. The only action I took was to open my email – And I am confronted with images of undressed teenagers in sexual positions. The pop up was strategically placed over my check mail buttons so I had no choice but to scroll over. Scrolling over runs a short soft porn movie featuring teenage kids.

The ad is marketing directly to tweens and teens (and likely DVRed by members of Nambla and other pedophiles) as the hip sex opera for KIDS, Gossip Girl.

We’re not talking about “censorship” of the Playboy Channel here. We’re talking about putting restrictions on what sexual positions the media is allowed to portray children in and how they are allowed to market it. And by sexual positions, I mean, are we to allow teens to be portrayed in doggy style in marketing before we finally get pissed enough to shout NO!

It gets worse. They aren’t even having to pay for all the advertising. I got this widget by following the lures to get teenagers to post this on their own email, personal sites and blogs. Getting children to exploit themselves by posting free advertising that exploits and cheapens their sexuality is WRONG.

If you’ll recall I had an issue with Gossip Girl editing a rape scene together with a consensual sex scene, effectively blurring the line between yes and no – glamorizing and romanticizing rape for their teenage audience. I canceled the CW shortly after. But, they found me. As I’m sure they are finding all kids – regardless of parental attempts to shield our children from adult content. It’s email – how many kids, tweens and teens get email?

This is unacceptable. One of the only tools we have is parental outrage.

Please join me in writing a letter to CBS – The CW’s parent company – and express your disappointment and outrage in their marketing strategy for Gossip Girl. (click on “feedback” button in right sidebar).

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