Empowering Girls: Mud Fight


It started to rain. The kids wanted to play in it. I went to make sure there was no lightening.

Come out in the rain with us Mommy.

I did. It felt lovely.

Then the little one came at me with a mud clod and threw it at me.

Laugh or lecture?

Before 3, everything they do is so adorable, I couldn’t help but laugh.

I remembered a multitude of mud fights out at my grandmother’s house in Utah. We would have the best time, my brothers and cousin and I, hurling mud at each other.

I do like mud.


It stopped raining so we turned on the sprinkler.

This is how Daddy found us when he came home from work.

Covered in mud. 2584671D-4BC3-48D7-BA4A-8C2C1EBE0F5B.jpg

We ran to a group shower to hose ourselves down and wash our hair.

I don’t know if Ainsley’s white shirt will ever come clean – it’s been soaking in Oxyclean for a few days.

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