Empowering Girls: Mommy/Daughter Day Report


You’re always ignoring me. It’s inappropriate. It hurts my feelings and it makes me sad and mad. You should listen to me when I talk to you, Ainsley informed me during our Mommy/Daughter Day on Saturday.

You’re right. I’m sorry. You have a valid point and you have right to expect my attention. I was thinking about my work. It’s hard for me to stay in the present moment. My mind wanders. I was writing in my head. It’s terrible habit, I explained.

I don’t have that habit, she said.

You’re lucky, I told her. You never daydream? I asked.

I have. But it’s easy to stop, she said.

I’ll try harder. Thanks for being patient with me. I love you, I said.

I love you too, she said.

I tried my best to stay focused and only had ask her forgiveness a few times.


We went garage saling and window shopping.

We went out for Chinese food.

She got her Orange Belt in Taekwondo. She forgot her jacket. She was brave. I was proud.

We went to McDonalds.

We went walking at the big park and ate handfuls of wild blackberries we found by the pond.

We came home and colored poster-sized kittens and puppies with fresh markers on the trampoline.

She said it was her favorite day and I thought it was awesome too.

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