Empowering Girls – Juno Review By Therapydoc

Previously I printed an Op-Ed piece from the NYTimes about the film Juno. Caitlin Flanagan had a valid point.

Therapydoc from Everyone Needs Therapy, a shrink in Chicago, printed an Op-Ed piece on the film as well.

Therapydoc writes, She knows that she doesn’t have to be sure of anything at sixteen. She doesn’t have to know what kind of girl she is, exactly. She’s in process.

Such an enviable position, no? Why would anyone want to hurry that, choose to prematurely skip out of that license to grow, that license for silliness and abandon, introspection and exploration? Why do anything that could blunt that freedom?

What did she say? “I wish I hadn’t had sex with you.”

THAT’S the message you want to send to your teenagers.

Therapydoc recommends watching the film with your teens to make sure that message gets across.

I still have not seen the film. Someday I’m not going to be so cheap.

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