Empowering Girls: Auto Mechanics

I do not want Ainsley growing up feeling like she can’t do anything around a vehicle. Women and girls drive. They buy cars. Their cars need maintenance.

mom ainsley shaking can.jpg

Ainsley’s Daddy takes her out to work on the car if he has to change a tire or replace break pads.

ains fixing car.jpg

Sometimes I realize it’s easier for me to do something than to get it to the top of my husband’s list. Like recharging our air conditioner in the van. He doesn’t have time. So, I did it myself – read the 10 steps to recharging an air conditioner on Blog Fabulous.

It occurred to me that it would benefit Ainsley to see Mommy participating in the fixing and maintaining a car. And really it was easy enough that she could do it too. It looked so fun her friend joined in.

georgia and ainsley 2.jpg

For information about how women can fix and maintain their own cars visit AskPatty.com.

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