Empowering Girls: A New Earth – Acceptance & Global Anger

Last night was the last night of the A New Earth webcast and I watched with some sadness.

I don’t want it to be over. I’ve found the experience very enlightening, opening me up to my own spiritual self and really, finally removing a veil from my own Christian religious traditions and texts. For the first time in my life I am able to read The Bible and think back on my own religious training and see light instead of darkness. Thank you Eckhart Tolle and Oprah for that.

Some last things I want to touch on from last night’s Web Cast. I really related to the woman who said she has a difficult time with what she called “global anger.” These are things and situations in the world outside of her own little world that make her angry. She was angry about polygamist cults and vicious beating of teenagers for YouTube content.

I have a similar issue with the way women and girls are perceived and treated.

Oprah said, Well you’re going to be angry for a very long time.

That’s true enough.

Then she made another spectacular point in that it’s the emotional feeling of anger that’s ineffective at fighting society’s ills.

Anger begets anger and always joins the same vibration of anger that causes murder, rape, discrimination, exploitation, etc.

The most effective thing you can do is to change your emotional vibrational energy from anger into acceptance and love.

To understand this you have to have gone through the epiphany that you can control your own emotions. It’s a hard one to get and it take a lot of practice to be able to change your own feelings. Certainly, I’m only moderately effective at this.

Acceptance is a huge key both with the above example of global anger and with controlling our own feelings.

Eckhart says we should never do anything, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, unless we are in a state of acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm about it. Any action taken in anger, frustration, annoyance or denial will have a negative effect no matter what our intent. This applies even if we feel we’re acting with our own life’s purpose in mind.

Acceptance should not be confused with condoning something. For instance, when I write about something that is obviously wrong and negative that effects girls like a shock porn video or the fact that Google equates the word girl with porn, I need to first accept what is before I try to take action about it. I should release my indignation and anger about it or else not write about it. The last thing I want to do is negatively impact the perception about girls.

I suspect perhaps that I am not accepting the current way things are because I don’t want them to be the way things are.

Our world does not respect girls.

If it did we would not have child pornography, we would not have date rape, we would not let child molesters walk around to molest more kids, we would not allow marketers to exploit girls’ sexuality, we would not allow the word “girl” to be synonymous with “porn,” we would not allow them to think they were their appearance, we would not allow them to starve themselves to be “perfect,” we wouldn’t allow 25% of kids to be infected with STDs.

I need to accept that and let go of my anger about it or my actions are fueled with negative angry energy and God can not flow through me to effect positive change.

I feel my calling, my purpose, is to allow God to flow through me to revolutionize the perception of girls. To do that I must reach a state of acceptance about where we are rather than be angry that we’re not where I want us to be.

On a lighter note: can you freaking believe that Eckhart Tolle is 60 years old? Truly the entire time I thought the guy was in his 40s. I was shocked! Oprah asked him for his skin secret. Can you guess the secret to ageless beauty?

People who don’t carry around a lot of past age very well, he said.
Want to look 20 years younger? Let go of the past 20 years.

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