Empower Your Daughter With Health Insurance

by Tracee Sioux

I received an email is from MoveOn.org, a political action group monitoring health care. Right now Congress is deciding whether to a) take away health care from millions of children or b)allow millions more children access to health care.

No girl can be empowered if she can’t even go to the doctor for her vaccinations or minor injuries. No parent can be empowered if they feel they can’t afford to take their kids to the doctor. Congress has until September to make a decision and they need to hear from you. As a citizen you have the right, and the responsibility, to make it known what you expect of them.

Sending petitions does send a message to Congress. They may not know your personal name, but they will know that millions of Americans are tired of seeing children go without health care.

Click on this link to encourage congress to vote to expand, rather than eliminate, health care for children.

If you’re like me and you think perhaps signing a petition won’t matter enough, you can also send a letter directly to your elected officials at Congress.org.

My letter said:

I expect you to vote in favor of expanding children’s health care. We’re a nation of Christians and Christians are supposed to care for others and help take care of others. There is no pursuit of happiness if you, or your children are sick. We, as a nation, are not designed to make sure insurance companies and doctors make more money. We, as a nation, are designed to take care of the people. A nation of the people, governed by the people, for the people is a nation that should take care of its people. Health care for the middle class is getting way too expensive, even for the insured. I expect you to pass the SCHIP resolution to expand coverage to more children. If you do not, you will lose my vote and anyone I can pursuade to join me.

Sincerely, Tracee Sioux

Feel free to copy and paste it into your own letter at Congress.org.

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