Easter True Mom Confessions


  • I’m reusing the eggs from last year and from the various Easter Egg Hunts.
  • I picked up the egg dye and baskets at a garage sale and I’m about to see what I can scrounge up from thrift stores, not because I don’t have any money, but because I don’t want to spend it on Easter.
  • I skipped both kids’ school Easter Egg Hunts. How many Easter Egg Hunts should I have to attend? I notice their father doesn’t feel guilty about going to work instead.
  • I’m putting sugarless gum in the eggs.
  • I’m confiscating the candy from the various hunts and re-gifting it in their Easter Bunny Baskets Sunday Morning.
  • Then I’m confiscating it and eating it.
  • I’m thinking about not letting them dye eggs this year b/c of time. That or we’re buying instead of making the cupcakes we’re taking to NaNas. They wanted $6 for a dozen cupcakes. The mix is $1 and the cream cheese $1 and I can make 2 dozen. We’re making the cupcakes. We’re dying eggs.
  • Zack gets a new suit – because my sister is getting married. Also it will make me happy to see him wear it and it’s only $20. No one in town sells suits for boys this year. Hope my mom will buy him one.
  • Ainsley does not get a new dress or shoes.
  • I might buy them Webkinz – if they are on sale. I rented “brand new with tags” stuffed bunnies that will fill up the basket for $1.25. I’ll return them to the thrift store to be resold in 3 weeks. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Declutter.

At one point in my motherhood I might have felt guilty about some of this. But, I don’t feel guilty about any of it this year.

    Good Holiday Recipe

  • Don’t spend too much.
  • Don’t do too much.
  • Don’t make it a hassle.
  • Skip events, parties and traditions if they cause anxiety.
  • Don’t strive for unattainable nonsense like equality or perfection.

I am hoping to find the camera though.

Happy Easter!

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