Discovery Girls Prize Goes To . . .

So, you get the idea. There are tools out there, like Discovery Girls, that will help you discuss important stuff with your daughter, like how to deal with mean girls and how to cope with an embarrassing moment.

More communication is always better. Sharing something of your own sticky situations and how you coped soothes a daughter’s soul.

Fab Girls Guides are some pretty good tools to utilize. Not only will they entertain your daughter, but they will open doors for discussion and communication – and that’s never a bad thing.

Thanks to Discovery Girls for their generous donation of this set of all four guides. I very much appreciate it. I also appreciate every reader who took the time to enter the contest.

Without further blathering. . . Tamara who wore a white dress in the school play, which made it possible for everyone to see her penguin panties is our winner. She wins because Ainsley and I thought it was the funniest. Nothing will adequately compensate for the whole school calling you Chilly Willy for a whole year, Tamara – but this is the least I could do. Please email me privately with your contact information at traceesioux at

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