Day of Rest

By Tracee Sioux

Produce, produce, produce.

My husband and I tend to be workaholics sometimes. I constantly feel like I’m under pressure to get everything done. Especially since having another baby and working from home. I just feel like there is not enough time to do everything I need to be doing. I’m loving the work, and love being fed from this source of energy, but I’m imposing all this pressure to market and make the work profitable right now.

I found myself starting to wonder how long I can keep up this pace. It’s only July and Ainsley isn’t in school until September. My kids are sick of entertaining themselves and bored. Yet, I feel so newly driven, It feels great to be driven by my writing again. It is fantastic to feel passionately and write passionately.

But, it’s the balance that is in question. I started to wonder when I’ll ever get a break. When I’ll ever have a moment to relax and just be.

Yesterday, the sermon was on the Sabbath. I thought, Well duh, the being and the resting is built right in if you would just listen! It’s always been there. You’re the one who has decided to ignore it.

While I am now late in publishing my blogs and haven’t been to work out this morning and feel totally behind in my week. I also feel like stopping the productivity for one day really provided some perspective about balance.

I don’t want my kids to feel so driven that they can’t rest. I want them to understand and value a work ethic, but not at the cost of everything else.

It’s funny how when you’re a kid things like naps feel punitive. My daughter throws a massive fit at the mention of a nap (Zack still loves them). Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy was a big deal in my house growing up. I guess that did feel punitive and restricting to me then.

Now though, it’s like free day, gift from God day, no pressure day, lazy rest day. My favorite day.

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