Call For Submissions

Hello Readers,

This is a request for submissions to be posted on The Girl Revolution.

Last year on vacation I wrote my blogs. In large part because I agreed to drive a Chevy Tahoo across the country and blog it. This year, we’re off to my sister’s wedding in Utah and I’m going to write nothing. I haven’t done that for more than a weekend in almost three years. I need a vacation.

I’m looking for book reviews, subjects you’re passionate about, essays, product reviews, etc.

I would prefer stories to be under 1,000 words. I’d also like to print a photo with the story – a photo of the author or the author’s daughter or something that goes with the piece.

I’m open to all subjects as long as it pertains to The Girl Revolution in some way. I’d be interested in stories about sons too, if they are connected with perceptions of girls or treatment of girls or relationships to girls.

If you have a blog I will link back. I don’t mind if the story has already been published and you just want to expose a new audience to it. Stories will run May 18 – June 1.

Deadline Monday, May 11, 2009.

Please email me the story – with links – to

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