Life Coach: Bullying Bystanders Unite with Technology

Hey U.G.L.Y. (Unique, Gifted, Lovable, You) has started a campaign to fight back against Bullying. Bullying Bystanders Unite asks students to take a pledge to be eye witnesses and even record incidences with their cell phones.

One Hey U.G.L.Y. teen team-member was attacked and brutally kicked in the face numerous times, when the police and principal were approached they said they couldn’t do anything without witnesses or evidence.

“On a school campus there’s about 85 percent of kids called bystanders. They’re the missing link, the silent majority,” Dr. Michele Bora said on Dateline NBC.

Kids have cell phones now and they can be used as safety tools. If a kid is a bully, reporting a bully is a safety measure for other kids who might be the bully’s next target.

Being recorded in the act of bullying has even made bullies stop and run away, according to the Pledge website.

The website has safety rules to go over with kids with different rules for when the child is alone or with other cell phone carrying friends.

Read more about Hey U.G.L.Y’s Stop Bullying Task Force training.

To sign the pledge, or find out more about what kinds of things your kids can do to protect themselves and others from bullies visit Bullying Bystanders Unite.

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