Brick Walls


There appear to be a great many still-existing Brick Walls in front of girls and women. Take this article Guys Still Hog Role of Intellectual Heavy Weight, which examines my professional frustrations.

My own Brick Wall is generally in the form of The Family Budget. Sometimes I, unfairly, imagine my husband as the guard dog protecting the wall.

When we come on brick walls we need to ask ourselves some questions and teach our daughters to do that same:

Scale it?

Have someone give me a lift?

Hack away at it little by little?

Tunnel under it?

Go around it?

Jump over it?

Chisel a hole through it?

Bomb it with dynamite?

Melt it?

Deconstruct it?

Remove it?

Climb it?

Who can help me get over it?

Who can I take with me?

You get the picture.

Rethink your Brick Walls.

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