Body Image Activists Blog

There’s a brand new group blog about body image: we are the REAL deal.

We are Body Image Activists.

Fatties, skinnies, and disordered eaters who want every girl to feel beautiful and strong.

Muscle chicks and plus-size fashionistas, yoginis, marathon-runners and mathletes, alpha women, gamma girls, cheerleaders, bookworms, punks, moms, daughters, sisters, and friends.

WE are the collective YOU.

We are united on a single cause.

Cultivating self esteem and positive body image for girls and women.

We don’t agree on all issues, but we respect each others perspective.

We speak our personal truth, and we want to listen to you.

This is the only path to change.

We are masters of talk.

But talk is tired.

Time to utilize our influence.

To reject fashion fantasy land.

And watch the viral spread.

MargaretMeadOur opinions  drive change.

Global brands monitor our chatter.

We all know this.

We all see this.

Time to use it.

The Commitment

No more bowing to media pressure — time to put pressure on them.

No more posting about hating our bodies – start loving yourself already.

No more wishing we were someone else – embrace who you are.

Change starts here

Read The Pledge.

Then live it.

-Real Deal Girls

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