Authentic Beauty


With all the Photoshopping that goes on, do you ever reflect on the beautiful women in your life and notice that it’s the “flaws,” freckling, variation in tone, hairlines, creases and wrinkles that make them uniquely, authentically beautiful? Especially when their laughing and all their crows feet and laugh lines and forehead wrinkles really bunch up?

I do. I have some stunningly beautiful friends and family who even don’t know how interesting and attractive-looking they are. Many of them wear little to no makeup. Sometimes they don’t feel so beautiful because they keep all these Photoshopped images in their heads of “beauty.”

I wish my daughter would be immune to the impact of Photoshop and it’s “perfect” beauty that takes all the nuance of a face away.

Peter Lindbergh photographed famous models without makeup or Photoshop in September’s Vogue. A preview of the issue can be seen on result is so much more interesting. So much more authentically beautiful. This is what these women look like to their husband’s and children. Untouched-up.

Photo of Claudia Schiffer from

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