Ask. Seek. Knock.

It’s a brand new baby 2012.

What I wish for you I wish for myself. My wishes come from the Sermon on the Mount. It is the Law, as delivered by Jesus, retold by Matthew.

What you ask for you will get.

Ask for better and more, expecting the abundance of the entire Universe.

Be more clever in your questioning.

Be wise enough to accept the answers.

Release that which no longer serves you to make room to receive that which does.

What you seek you will find.

Be very selective about what you seek and where you seek it.

Remember you can only find snakes in a snake’s den. You won’t find a cuddly bunny there.

Look within. You won’t find self-worth in someone else. You won’t find your body image in advertising.

When you find what you seek, may you be brave enough to face it with a core of strength and boldness of action.

Knock and the door will be opened to you.

Though you tremble when you knock, may you dare walk through only the right doors with your head held high.

You don’t want to knock on every door you come to. Focus is the key to success. “For straight is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it.” (Matt.7:14)

You don’t have to walk through every door you knock on. You can just peek and let your inner wisdom change your mind.

Some Holy Warnings

Do not settle.

When someone tells you he’s a dog or swine, believe him and then collect your holy pearls and move on.

If you’re sitting under a tree that keeps bearing rotten fruit, ask better questions, then go find one that bears nutritious and delicious fruit.

If someone looks like a sheep, but you feel like you’re about to be eaten by a wolf — believe yourself — you are about to be eaten by a wolf. Run away.

You are wiser in 2012 than you were in 2011. Your life will be richer and more abundant because of it.

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