Love The Year of YES!? Here is all the delicious YES! Booty available for you:


The Year of YES! Radio (free)

The Year of YES! Blog (free)

#yesdares Daily Inspiration (free)

Soul Sex Chapter, The Year of YES! memoir (free)

Totally worth the investment:

The Year of YES! memoir by Tracee Sioux ($9.99-17.77)

#yesdare The Year of YES! Inspirational Journal and Calendar ($15.55)

Maxcelerators ($222/year includes all programs below and all that are created during the year + monthly group coaching calls + private FB support + weekly #yesdare challenges)

  • Links to purchase individual programs coming soon.
  • Year of YES! Commitment Certificate (Maxcelerators and VIP Clients only): This commitment keeps you on track, saying YES! to your Soul all year long.
  • Year of YES! 101 (?): This video and workbook will help you understand the relationship between your Soul’s Purpose and Law of Attraction. In other words, how do you find your Soul’s Purpose and then how do you make it happen?
  • Soul vs. Ego Smackdown ($97): With all the voices and noise in our lives, how do you know when it’s your Soul or your Ego or other Outside Voices? This proven meditation will give you clear, tangible evidence for when it’s your Soul talking and when it’s not.
  • Badass Magic and Fierce Miracles ($97): Dream Boards are one of the most powerful manifesting tools. What you put on it happens. But, there are some pitfalls you want to take note of to avoid and some tricks that will make them more powerful. This ebook will walk you through making a Dream Board (or Vision Board) that really, really works!
  • 3-Minute Miracle ($47): This is the fastest way to manifest your Soul’s Purpose. It’s easy, it’s powerful and it takes only three minutes for miracles to happen.
  • Money Magnet Master-Course ($497): Coming soon, this is a 8-week course exploring Soul-conomics and the Energy of Money. You’ll banish your money demons, rewrite your money story and really understand your own personal impact on the economy as we move into an economic landscape driven by small business entrepreneurs motivated by meaning and purpose. This class makes economics fun and sexy. No, really.
  • Time Sex ($97): Release date very, very soon. Busyness is the #1 killer of Soul Purpose. Wouldn’t you rather have a life full of Joy-gasms? Learn to live Time as Pleasure with this video course, which invites you to experience time a whole new way. Don’t worry, there’s only a little implied nudity.
  • Intendagasm (Accessible only through Maxcelerators membership): Learn how to use sexual energy for success in every area of your life. We’re going to talk about sex. Spiritual Sex, Sacred Sexuality, the Play of Masculine and Feminine, Intimacy, Orgasmic Meditation, and how to use sexuality with Law of Attraction. This is an ongoing conversation that you can only access with Maxcelerators membership.
  • Psychic Spring Cleaning eCourse ($197): How can you pick flowers if your hands are full of rocks? Taught with Soul Archeologist Jennifer Blumenthal of WholeBeing Balance, this 8-week eCourse walks you through how to clear spiritual energy while clearing your physical space. Each class has an Org-gasm practice to clear your spiritual energy, plus a 20-minute Smackdown which will challenge you to do a quick clearing of your physical space. You can’t accept what you want if the Universe has no place to put it because your life and space is too cluttered with what you don’t want.
  • JOY ROI: ($197): This course will give you the tools needed to factor the true Return on Investment when making choices in business and life. Often when making choices spiritual left brain people will not factor in the true financial investment before jumping into a project. Right brain Do-ers will factor the finances, but not the true value of their time when making choices. Almost no one calculates the Joy Factor. This class will walk you through your Joy ROI (return on investment). It includes practical spreadsheets that help you factor in the true Time commitment, the true Financial commitment and your Joy Factor.
  • Harvest eCourse ($97): Perfect for Autumn, this 8-class eCourse will help you look at everything you have accomplished over the year.
  • Perfect Match Magnetizer(197): Release date 2015. This eCourse includes worksheets and practices to help you discover and attract the “perfect match for you” and a meditation that will make you irresistible to your perfect match and repels those not suited to you.
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