Transformation Time: Growing the Balls to Say YES

No. Not yes to everything that comes at you. I mean growing the balls to say YES to YOU. Yes to what your soul wants. Our world is plagued by the suffering that comes from too often saying yes to the demands of others (and ignoring our own needs). Too many of us say yes to what we think we should do (usually out of guilt), instead of saying yes to what we want to do. Talk about a life-sucking buzz-kill.

When was the last time you checked in with that little voice inside (your soul) dying to be heard? Saying yes isn’t always easy, and it’s not always pretty. But let me tell you what’s even harder: denying that voice for months or years. Trust me. I know from experience. (If you want to learn more and hear my personal experiment of what it was like to say yes—for a year—check out my book, “The Year of YES!” No sugar coating. I share it all. The nitty-gritty. From joys to demon-slaying, to sex and financial crisis).

What have I learned? I’ve learned that even when the going is tough, my soul never leads me astray. Even through all the obstacles I’ve walked (and sometimes trudged), saying yes to me has transformed who I am. When you say YES to you, you build confidence. You build empowerment. You let your soul know that she DOES matter. She IS heard. You throw “shoulds” out the window. You tell those self-defeating thoughts to suck it.

So, where am I going with all this? I challenge you. To say YES. Just try it. Ok, so maybe you’re not ready for a whole year like I was, but how about a month? How about a week? You know you can do a day. Start somewhere. Tune into your soul. She needs to be heard. Go in with no expectations (but be ready for an adventure). Need inspiration? Maybe you’re like I was and you simply need to learn to hear your soul’s voice in the first place—and know which voice is your soul and which voice is your ego. If you can relate, head on over to Sioux Ink and check out “Soul vs. Ego Smackdown” and “The Year of YES.”