TGR Launch Contest #7 – Mean Girls Grown Up

One of my first heartbreaking experiences as a mother was to realize that the Mean Girls Grew Up and became the Mean Mommies.

{{{{{{{Damn It}}}}}}}

I had hoped they would vanish or at least grow up and mature and take lessons in “nice.” Then my daughter started preschool and it was like a Kindergarten Fashion Show and I realized there’s a whole 2nd Generation of Mean Girls Ainsley will have to face. But, then I thought – at least it’s over after the school years.

Then the 2008 elections began and the Mean Girls took on Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin both, with a vengeance and I thought, No wonder more women aren’t running for office – who the hell wants to repeat Junior High with the Mean Girls?

I know you worry about it too because I get a lot of email pleading, “How do I teach my daughter to handle bullying or being picked on by Mean Girls?”

I can’t wait to read Mean Girls Grown Up! Adult Women Who Are Still Queen Bees, Middle Bees, and Afraid-to-Bees by Cheryl Dellesega don’t care why they are so mean – we all have a million reasons we could be mean, but some of aren’t. I want to know how to stop a Mean Girl Attack, how not to emotionally internalize it and how not to turn into a Mean Girl in defense of myself, my daughter, and other women who have the audacity to lead.

Ellen Gerstein from Wiley Publishing and the very popular Confessions of an IT Girl has donated 4 copies of this book.

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