TGR Launch Contest #2 – Precious Girls Club


Plush Patches Pup

A huggable and cuddly version of Katie’s pet pup.


The Precious Girls Club Charm Bracelet and Extra Virtue Charm

A charm bracelet is a perfect gift for any little girl, because it can be as unique as she is! The Precious Girls Club charm bracelet helps her remember to be grateful for the charmed life with which God has blessed her.


“A Little Bit of Faith”- the first book in the Precious Girls Club series

A charming chapter book that tells the story of Katie Bennett and her friends and how the Precious Girls Club was inspired by “a little bit of Faith.”

Precious Girls Club has a safe interactive game for girls to lay online.

Playing on the Precious Girls Club website is free. But, those who sign up for The Girl Revolution Webazine will have access to an exclusive code granting Rainbow Membership in the Precious Girls Club for one month!

Disclaimer: Precious Girls Club has a Christian focus. The Girl Revolution does not have a specific religious affiliation. The Girl Revolution, along with the American Psychological Association’s report on Sexualization of Girls, does encourage faith, meditation, prayer, and/or religious affiliation in girl’s lives as it has been shown to prevent self-objectification.

Leave a comment to be entered to win.

Spread the word about The Girl Revolution and you can be entered to win many more times. Read the rules here.

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