Maxcelerate your life!

Practicing Faith and Trust

When you first begin connecting back to your Soul, it takes a…
self peace

Giving Yourself Permission to Say YES!

So, so many of us have spent so many years telling ourselves…
genius zone

How Being Your Full, True Self is Even BETTER Than You Imagined

I am 100% dedicated to the Law of Attraction. I have studied…

What is Coaching: I’ll Have What She’s Having

What is coaching? Life, business and spiritual direction. There…
manifesting by choice

What is Coaching: How to Choose the Right Match

What is Coaching? A coach is a person who can help you figure…

Successful Women Don’t DIY their Lives

The number one reason that people fail is that they’re trying…

100 of 2014

This time of year I do an exercise with my clients called the…

Women Change the World Radio Show: Life Coach

Click the pretty button to listen to a one hour radio show I…

Change My Life: How to be a BadAss!

I'm fierce in my contact kickboxing class and I'm a CrossFit…

Mother Nature Has Her Way With Colorado

Via Twitter Feed: ‏@adater Think Colorado floods aren't serous?…

Been There, Done That: The Ghosts of Lovers Past

For the past several months I've been experiencing an odd phenomenon. Wrapped…

Law of Attraction is Propelled by Emotions: Pull Yourself Out of a Funk

Law of Attraction is propelled by your emotions, which means…