TGR Launch Contest #5 – Happy Heart Princess


The Disney Princess Culture has seemed into the bloodlines of girlhood to such a degree that its nearly impossible to completely “opt-out.” Believe me I’ve tried with my Princess Ban. If the messages weren’t awful enough for girls with Belle and her Stockholm Syndrome, Cinderella’s helplessness, and Ariel, The Little Mute there’s the commando marketing so thorough you can’t find a lunchbox, thermos, Halloween or pair of roller skates unbranded by Disney. It’s enough to make me question in Princess Culture Examined – exactly who is creating the stories so permeating the psyche of our girls and why are parents letting them?

Aside from a Princess ban altogether, I’ve found some alternatives like the On Being A Real Princess, Secrets of the Happy Heart Princess by Sandi Stonebraker.

The Happy Heart Princess line puts a fresh face on the princess phenomenon sweeping the nation. She not only knows that she is special but she has learned how to carry in her Happy Heart all those qualities that will help her prepare for a meaningful and happy life. She is after all, FIRST a HAPPY HEART and secondly a Princess. With her wide eyed innocence and her crown slight askew, she represents the real thing. Enlisting the help of her friends from around the world, the Happy Heart Princess illustrates what it is to be spirited, strong, smart, kind and good. She is the princess of the 21st century and bridges the gap between fairyland and the real life dream that lives on in the hearts of little girls everywhere.

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