Dear Hiring Team,

I give good radio. I’m curious for a living. 

I have had a lifelong love affair with words, ideas and media. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I ask better questions and am able to make a deeper connection with my interview subjects—which makes for irresistible content. I’m tenacious and innovative, inventing new business models to respond to shifts and morphs in business, technology, media and the marketplace. 

I launched my first podcast, Year of YES! Radio in 2014, before podcasting was cool. I’ve been a guest on dozens of other podcasts promoting my books and launches.

I have covered science and technology, business, politics, education, economics, medical, wellness, lifestyle and feature articles about fascinating innovators. 

I’m a culture leader. I’ve written dozens of books, achieving Amazon Best Seller and Amazon Best New Release status several times, for myself and for my authors. I have been featured in New York Times Magazine, and and many more prestigious outlets.  My business, Sioux Ink, has incorporated business consulting, building brands and marketing platforms, ghostwriting, editing, design and publishing.

I have a gift for well-researched insights leading to intuitive epiphany, which results in original ideas, captivating content and the empowerment of others. My gifts are backed up with the discipline and craft of a seasoned leader.

Let’s connect and find out if we should go on this adventure together.