My Naked Truth, Kindle Contest & .99 Dream Making

kindlefireGuess what? I’m practically skipping with glee. My memoir, The Year of YES!, is coming out on Tuesday. Yes, October 21, 2014. THIS Tuesday.

I’m giving you a heads up that I could really, really use a favor from you. It’s easy and it’s cheap.

I want to achieve Amazon Bestseller status so I have to sell a few books (like 100) in one day. So, I’m putting the Kindle version out for .99 on book launch day.

Yep, you can get your hands on my Soul’s deepest, most private secrets for under $1. Say YES to that!

As part of my book launch celebration I’m giving away a Kindle Fire!

To win the Kindle Fire you need to leave a review on Amazon. They don’t tell me who buys, only who leaves reviews. Plus, reviews are very, very important for my ability to spread The Year of YES! message.

•    Buy the book
•    Leave a review
•    Win a Kindle Fire
•    Earn Super Good Karma

After this promotion the price bumps up to $9.99. I am baring my Soul, after all, and the whole book is a struggle with the ways I’ve given myself away for free (some of you can relate).

Don’t worry, I’ll send you another email bright and early Tuesday morning so you can click the link super easy and spend the .99 cents that will help make my dreams come true. .99 cents for a dream to come true and a Kindle Fire?

Say YES! to that!

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