Discovery Girls Contest

by Tracee Sioux

Discovery Girls is a magazine created for girls, by girls ages 8 and up. I reviewed a couple of issues with Ainsley, who is granted only 6, but precocious.

It’s full of about fashion trends, beauty and style, crushes on boys, and teen movie stars. I don’t know why I expected that girlhood today would be different than girlhood when I was growing up. I guess I thought there would be more evolution in girlness.

That said, I totally love it and can’t stop reading. I am even taking the quizzes. I totally forgot how much fun magazine quizzes are.

All the talk about boys and crushes would seem premature and inappropriate, if Ainsley hadn’t already informed me who she’s crushing on (I’m so not telling) and if I didn’t remember being completely and utterly in love with a boy myself at her age. I would be incensed about the focus on boys if she hadn’t opened the magazine and said, Oh wow, Zac Efron is in this. I was comforted when the advice column told a girl that the 5th grade was way too young to have a boyfriend. Fwhew.

The articles about Frenimies and Mean Girls are particularly useful.

Discovery Girls also recently released a series of books which I thought were entertaining and gave relevant advice.

The Fab Girls Guide to Friendship Hardship seems like a gold mine for mothers – oh, right and daughters too. At the beginning of the book girls take a quiz about their friendships and see whether they rank as good or bad. If you’re friends with Poisonous Patti, she’s mean, untrustwrothy and may actually be trying to make you feel bad. . . Nope, it’s not your imagination, this girl is not your friend — she’s a frenemy wearing your BFF necklace, girls are advised to find better friends.

The book lists 8 frenemy behaviors: The User, The Gossip, The Part-Time Bully, The Cling-On, The Snob, The Drama Queen, The Hidder, and The Backstabber. Ah, brings back memories – not the good kind. The book tells girls what they’re getting out of being friends with her.

It doesn’t stop there. It addresses what to do if the girl, herself, is the mean girl. Yeah, you!, it says.

The book defines what you should expect out of a true friend and outlines how you can be one. It gives great advice on how to find friends when you are in need of new ones.

The Fab Girls Guide to Sticky Situationsis both helpful and hilarious. The really funny part is that you’ll relate to lots of these sticky situations.

What should you do if your friend’s mom bursts into the room and starts screaming about her D – time to slip out of the room.

What should you do if you’re at school and you get period on your pants? Make a temporary pad out of toilet paper or a sock, tie a sweater or jacket around your waste and see the school nurse. Don’t worry, this has happened to every girl.

The sticky situations include relevant information about what to do if you’re approached by online predators too.

Other books in the series are Fab Girls Guide to Getting Your Questions Answered and Fab Girls Guide to Getting Through Tough Times.

You can buy the whole set of Fab Girls books for $29.95 or separately for $9.95 at


You can win a set of the books right here by posting a comment. If you share a sticky situation you found yourself in, you will be entered to win. The winner will be the one who made me laugh hardest. I will post the results next Tuesday.

This contest is officially closed. For announcement of the winner please go to Discovery Girls Prize Goes To . . .

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