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Opening the Door To MORE

soul path

I have had the incredible pleasure (and blessing) of working with so many small business owners here in Fort Collins. These are amazing people called to do the highest good. They work hard in their crafts, dedicate themselves to their businesses, and contribute to our community. These people rock! Their gifts are much-needed in our […]

Letting GO

business coaching

So many of my clients when they first come see me are terrified of money. They hate checking their bank accounts because they don’t want to see the low balance. They hate checking the mail because they don’t want the bills. They start dreading the days of the month when they know that bills or […]

Abundance Mini-Meditation

self peace

This is one of my favorite meditations for when I was working on building and maintaining a sense of excited anticipation around money and abundance. When you’re lying in bed first thing before you fall asleep at night, start visualizing a dollar bill gently floating down from your bedroom ceiling to fall on your face. […]

Healing Your Addiction To Busy

busyness to business

I’m sorry, I can’t, I don’t have any time.  I’d really love to, but I’m so crunched right now. I hate that I have to miss it, but I’m overwhelmed with everything going on. I have to pass, I barely have the time to breathe right now. What is your relationship with Time? We can […]

Careful What You Wish For

receiving joy

When I was working to consciously call in and manifest My Man, my One, I went through a really amazing period with the Law of Attraction. It’s incredible sometimes how the Universe will bring things to you, but not in the way that you thought you had intended. For those of you who are familiar […]


self growth

Where have you set your limits? How much are you willing to accept? If someone came and dumped a million dollars in your lap right now would you turn around and tell them that you didn’t deserve it? When your friends give you a compliment, is one of the first things out of your mouth […]

Easy Isn’t Boring— Struggling Is

say YES!

During my Year of YES! I came up against a wall. I hit it pretty hard too… there might still be some brick dust laying around somewhere. I had been meditating in my favorite orange chair on abundance, worthiness, and the vulnerability to receive when I realized that I was a striver. I had let […]

Dare Yourself To Demand More

say YES! to your Soul

When was the last time you really dared to get specific? You have a vision board. You journal. You meditate regularly. You practice active visioning. But how specific are you really letting your Soul be? What if your Soul is crying out to give you all of the details you really need to start manifesting […]

Healing Burn Out and Other Disasters

business coaching

Massive emotional release. Complete overwhelm. Relief mingled with shock. If you’re on the path to spiritual and personal healing then you know what I’m talking about. How many times have you started working on a roadblock or soul wound only to find that you get caught in the overwhelm? Or maybe you are starting to […]

Stop Picking The Low-Hanging Fruit

soul path

Hands up for everyone who loves it when it’s easy. Seriously, if you’re not raising your hand right now, then I know you’re lying. But what if you’re looking for too easy? What if the low-hanging fruit in your life is keeping you from grabbing the brass ring? Are you so busy taking what’s easy […]

Spiritually-Centered Business Coaching

business not busy-ness

When I was first starting my business I went to a lot of seminars. I went out of my way to learn the tools that I knew I was going to need to run my business. I knew that it was worth the investment to run a business the way that I really wanted to, […]

Staying Pointed In The Right Direction

soul path

The day I committed to saying YES! to myself, to my Soul, the light opened up at the end of the tunnel. The more I said YES! the brighter, bigger, and more beautiful my world got. Our Souls are infinite. They aren’t meant to live in tiny boxes and chained up with limitations. For me, […]