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Eye Contact

In The Way of Boys: Raising Healthy Boys in a Challenging and Complex World, Anthony Rao, Ph.D. cautions parents and educators to stop treating young boyhood as an illness. One of the interesting things Rao says is that young boys do not naturally like eye contact. I mentioned this at a party and a young […]


Mowing & Gender

I often have to bite my tongue to prevent myself from exclaiming, Oh, Zack you’re such a boy! It’s almost a reflex anytime he plays with machines, pushes around a car, stacks some blocks, plays with a ball or tries to fight. It’s a reflex most people in our family do not resist. Stereotypes are […]




Abundance Mini-Meditation

This is one of my favorite meditations for when I was working on building and maintaining a sense of excited anticipation around money and abundance. When you’re lying in bed first thing before you fall asleep at night, start visualizing a dollar bill gently floating down from your bedroom ceiling to fall on your face. […]