Tracee Sioux is the author, coach and creator of The Year of YES! and host ofYear of YES! Radio at Her purpose is to free others to say YES! to their own Soul’s purpose. Her work has been featured in New York Times Magazine, and

Finding herself divorced after a 12-year marriage, Sioux found herself making $600 a month, taking piece writing work, feeding her kids from the food bank and yet, strangely peaceful deep within her Soul. This experience ledher to embark on the/a/her commitment to say YES! to her Soul’s Purpose for one year. By the end of the year, Sioux had built a sustainable business, explored her sexuality, brought her income to six figures, lost three pants sizes, healed 40 years of pain and regret and discovered what it meant to create an intentional autonomous life in her 40s.

Prior to The Year of YES! Sioux led The Girl Revolution, to empower girls and their parents and caregivers in the face of today’s marketing and media messaging. She is the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories.

Sioux has worked as a journalist, blogger, and consultant for 17 years. She won the Utah State Newspaper Association Best Photograph award and the Utah State School Board Association Award for Exceptional Journalism. She is known for her spiritual travel column Soul Trek, inBella Spark Magazine. She is a featured essayist in PunditMom’s Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America. She has written for The Broad Side, getborn magazine and Blog Fabulous.

Sioux holds a bachelors degree from University of Utah in creative writing and political science. Sioux lives with her two children in Colorado.

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