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Wrestling with Election as a Swing Voter

I’ve always been a Democrat, but this year I’ve found myself wrestling with the issue. I don’t want to give Obama a free pass. And I don’t think Mitt Romney is Satan. Neither man is the anti-Christ.

I wrote a series of posts over at The Broad Side last week, examining my major issues.

I’m afraid of how much Democrats embrace Social Security and I wonder how we’ll pay for Baby Boomers’ retirements, 10,000 of whom are retiring every single day over the next 10 years or so. The system could be improved upon, it puts a burden on middle class families who are already struggling, to pay for rich retirees? We send stipends to wealthy people. . . what? And the richer you are the more money you get? Isn’t that backwards? Maybe Law of Attraction and Money should be a requirement to hold office.

I don’t think Barack Obama or Democrats in general have done or are doing more than Republicans for women and I’m super annoyed that women didn’t feminist up and support Hillary four years ago. I’m finding it difficult to believe that Democratic Women actually want what they say they want because they sure are issuing a lot of free passes to a guy who hasn’t done anything but have a wife and two daughters. Both of which, I might note, George W. Bush has in equal measure.

I’m completely grossed out about the cold and detached way Pro-Choice women are discussing abortion, as if it’s no big deal. I’m annoyed that Democratic Women skirt the valid issues by bringing up rare exceptions like rape, incest, life of the mother and teenage pregnancy as if this accounts for the over 50 million life changing abortions which have have taken place in America since 1973. The vast majority of which have been had by healthy adult women. I’d like to see them talk about over 1 million babies per year as if it, you know, matters to them.

And I’m also zero concerned that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will do a damn thing to endanger Roe v. Wade or ban birth control because frankly, presidents don’t have the powers to do such things. So while women are up in arms about it — it’s really a non-issue to me. A non-issue that I’m finding difficult to stomach.

And lastly, in this series I wind it up by sharing that I don’t think much will change regardless of who wins. I’m pretty optimistic about our future. We’re Americans and we’ll go right on about the business of raising families and having jobs and complaining about the economy even as we have soooo much abundance that our biggest health concern is that we have toooo much food. We’re a people of paradoxes. I kind of like us.

I still have until tomorrow to decide. Perhaps Roseanne Barr. . .

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