Millennial Women are the New Breadwinners

Growing up as a millennial, it comes as no surprise that my Father was the “breadwinner”. My Dad worked 8-5, Monday through Friday, and frequently traveled. My Mom mostly stayed home with my sister and I, although she eventually went back to work. When she did go back to work, I think her job was taken less seriously. Her income was often described as “fun money”.

This was a similar situation with my friends at school too. My friends came from wealthy families who had Dads that worked full time while the Mom would volunteer in the classroom, supervise playdates, as well as do the cooking and cleaning.

This situation worked really well for all of those families until divorce came into play. In middle school, most of my friends parents ended up getting divorced which wasn’t surprising since the divorce rate is always rising.

I remember one friend in particular, her parents were married at 18 because of an accidental pregnancy, this caused her Mom to not finish High School. 20 years and three girls later, they got divorced. The Mother was left with no skills. The Father attended college while the Mom took care of the kids, and it was his job to ‘bring home the bacon’. When she was left by her husband, she was left with no income, hurt feelings, and no skills at 40 years old. This was all because she gave up everything to have his children.

Luckily this woman was able to find other opportunities to support her family and became a successful flight attendant. She has never been happier supporting by herself and spending time with her family.

After watching hard times that my families friends have gone through, I have always told myself that I am putting my future first. It is very important for me to be able to provide for myself and not ever have to depend on anyone else. I trust myself and my abilities and need for success.

More women now than ever are the primary breadwinners for their families, 4 out of 10 families have a woman as the main provider. This is something that I find to be very exciting

Thinking about men taking a back seat and letting a woman drive his family to success to be is revolutionary. I have gone to school my whole life and spend more money and energy than I would have liked on my degree, and I plan to use it. A career is something that I have looked forward to since I have started as a college student.

I think that it is time to have a man sit back and raise the kids while the woman runs the family. Women always say that a man who is good with children is more attractive, so I think that means it’s time to let them take the kids to school and activities while the woman builds up her career. Knowing that I could potentially have a successful career while my children still having a full childhood with family is empowering.

For me personally, thinking about being the primary breadwinner of my family doesn’t worry me. If anything, I think it is scarier to trust that someone else will always do everything they can to support your family. I know and trust myself the most that I would put 100% into everything I do to make a career for my family.

I think that being a breadwinner for a family would be a lot of pressure for anyone. Personally, I like to be in charge. I like to make decisions. I like to do what I want. I think that would out weight the pressure that I would feel. I believe that for a family to be most successful, everyone needs to do what they’re best at. If the Mother has an excellent career and is able to support her family while the father stays home or works part time and helps around the house, then thats wonderful.

The stereotype that men are better breadwinners for families can and will change. Families are not just a ‘hard working’ Dad and a ‘good cooking’ Mom with two kids anymore. Families come in all different forms. I believe that with the millennial generation, family structures will continue to diversify and as a result families can become stronger and happier.

How do you think your family would be structured differently if you were growing up today? How important is your career to you? How important is it to you that your children are raised by you compared to your husband or family member? A complete stranger? How important is it to you that your family has all of the resources that they need?