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Law of Attraction & Money: Very Frugal Santa

Somewhere out there I know there’s a mother or father who is feeling guilty this Christmas season. There are lots of reasons for feeling guilty around the holidays. “I can’t afford to buy my kids exactly what they want,” and “I bought my kids exactly what they want and I can’t afford it” are two of the most popular guiltfests.

As usual, I’m willing to expose myself and our way-of-life to make you feel better (whether it makes you feel rich or like at you have a sister frugal friend) and remember it’s not too late to return that ridiculously expensive X-Box 360.

This year, most of what my kids are getting is used. Actually, that’s true of every year. I can afford to get them more of what they want if I buy it on Craig’s List. Last year I scored a Nintendo Wii for $100!

Ainsley is getting: fabulous Columbia winter coat with matching gloves, $20; gorgeous lavender formal dress, $5; several books, all used; several pairs of really nice expensive brand shoes, all used; a brand new pair of boots, $20; a brand new pair of monkey pajamas and a very nice digital camera I got on Amazon’s Black Friday sale.

Zack is getting: an awesome new yellow and black bike, $25 used; a Ninendo DS w/ 3 games, used $55; several pairs of expensive brand shoes, all used; five pairs of Old Navy jeans, new $10 each; several books, all used; shirts and pants, used; and a brand new pair of monkey pajamas.

They will share the year’s worth of canvas and art paper I scored at Michael’s Black Friday Sale.

We could spend all our money on lavish gifts for our kids. But, we have other financial goals that we want to keep knocking out as 2011 closes and 2012 revs up: pay off our cars, eliminate credit card debt and save for a vacation. We’ve been there and done that and realized there’s no joy in Christmas if we’re still paying it off next September.

So, if it seems like everyone in the world is spending $1,000 on their kids this Christmas, except you. They aren’t.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Great job mom/Santa! You have to set some kind of limit or it gets out of hand. I would LOVE to buy my kid every toy, book, game, experience that could possibly benefit her, but that wouldn’t be good for her, my budget or the space in her room. I found a great poem- something you want something you need, something to wear, something to read. I loved the idea but husband didn’t. We agreed on pajamas for everyone, and three gifts for the kid, one from Santa and 2 from mom and dad. Her birthday is in January so I am still stocking up on toys with the sales.

  2. Tracee says:

    I do way more than 3 gifts. I guess I do more stuff they need like underwear and socks, pajamas, art supplies, jeans, coats, bikes, books and then I try to fill their Christmas Wish List – but I buy it on the cheap and often that means the item is used and they never know the difference. 🙂

    Whatever works for your family. If your family can afford the XBox 360 or iPad and that’s what you want to spend your money on – no problem. But, if you’re in debt and you’re doing it so you can keep up with the Joneses – I say, send the kids to the neighbors to play on their XBox and save the dough.

    My cousin takes her family on an awesome vacation and buys everyone a pair of jeans with $100 in the pocket. Now THAT would be an awesome Christmas. I plan to do that when they are older!

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