The Year of YES Welcomes Karlee Suhanyi

A Millennial Voice

Note from Tracee

The Year of YES! has a generational gap. Until NOW! If you’re a regular here you know that way back I wrote a blog called The Girl Revolution, examining motherhood and girlhood in today’s culture. I moved into writing a more intimate experience of womanhood with my book The Year of YES!

I’m a 40-something Gen-Xer, my daughter is a post 9/11 baby. See that gap? There’s a whole generation of women coming up in the world. They are graduating from college, landing their first jobs and starting their own families. Many of the issues remain the same, but I have a feeling they feel differently about their experience. We’re going to find out.

Millennials get a bad rap, and much of it might be justified, though it’s really their parents who made the choices they live by. Combine that with an economic crash during their middle and high school years and the lost prospects of any retirement plans, job security and corporate job safety nets. In the midst of this economic upheaval they have also been tremendously more exposed to often negative media and messaging about girls and gender and relationships, while simultaneously experiencing a never-before-seen feminism and equality which has made them not even understand what that is or why they need it.

They’ve lived on the Internet and social media, girls have unprecedented numbers in achievement areas such as education, college degrees and business ownership. And yet … growing up in a world of light speed change can’t have been easy. The formulas for success have vanished and their future will be much different than previous generations.

I’m excited to welcome Karlee Suhanyi, a Senior at Colorado State University, majoring in marketing. She’s ambitious and accomplished. She’s sweet and kind. She’s got a bright future ahead of her and Donald Trump as president as she prepares to go into the world to make her way as an adult. There are choices ahead of her that are complicated and I’m anxious to hear about what it’s like to face the world as it is today, with the paradox of more equality and also more anxiety and even hatred in our political system.

I hope you’ll tune in to Karlee’s twice-weekly blog over the summer. I know she’s going to teach us some things and give us some enlightenment about the future which so needs some fresh ideas and some idealism that fades as life knocks us around a little.

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Note from Karlee

Hi there, my name is Karlee. I have moved around a lot but I consider Denver to be my home. This upcoming Fall, I will be a senior at Colorado State University. I am a business student studying Marketing as well as Finance. I am hoping that interesting combination will set me apart in the future, haha. I am in a Sorority and have served on the Executive board for the past two years and am passionate about service. I am also involved in a couple different honor societies. I have nannied for a family with a child with special needs for the past year and a half. I am loving Fort Collins and my campus and all my experiences as a college student.

How did I get here? This past semester, I have been interning with Tracee, trying to help her out with various projects as well as learning many things from her. With the semester ending and me not ready to leave, I decided to stick around for the summer, she had this idea to introduce a millennial voice to all of you…mine.

The next couple months, I am excited that I will get to share my voice and my thoughts and my experiences with people who are interested to hear them. I am excited that people are wanting to hear the millennial experiences…whatever that means. Apparently the millennial ages vary A LOT. But according to all those crazy websites I am a middle millennial.

A lot of things have changed in our culture and society since I have grown up, moved out, lived on my own, and started to attend college, especially as a young woman. I was in Kindergarten when 9/11 happened. During the huge market crash, I watched my parents buy a house. Although my parents are still married, I watched many friends’ parents go through horrible divorces. I have seen kids my town come out as gay after High School in an extremely conservative area. Growing up like that, and coming to College, I am starting to wonder how unaccepting I may have been…and has anything even changed?

After College, I plan to move back to that same conservative town, with my Mom and Dad. I am not embarrassed by this, because my parents want to support me in graduating on to the next level of adulthood, forcing me to save for my first house and car (I am not frugal on my own, haha). I am hoping that with all of the opportunities in Denver, I will find a Marketing or Finance job, picking between the two intimidates me almost as the job market itself.

I am so excited for this new experience and to grow and to learn how to express myself. I hope that you all can find maybe one of my insights or experiences worth while.

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