The Girl Revolution Launch Party & Contest Rules

Welcome to The Girl Revolution Launch Party.

Either you’ve been a loyal reader of Empowering Girls: So Sioux Me for the last two years or you’re a newby and will want to spend time exploring the categories.

Either way, I could not be happier that you’re here.

The Girl Revolution‘s only aim is to heal the soul of the world by raising powerful girls. Readers of The Girl Revolution know that girls are one of the most vital resources of the world. We’re going to protect them from media consumption and dissolve every single barrier that exists between girls and gender and economic equality.

How do I know this?

I’ve met YOU. You’re going to make the difference for the girl in your life and girls collectively. You, her mother and father, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, school counselors, mentors, teacher, writer, lawyer, accountant, church leader, non-profit organization director, religious conservative and feminist alike – YOU are willing to do whatever it takes to make every barrier that has ever existed for girls vanish.

My designer Cassie Germsheid of Mamas on the Web did an awesome job. Doesn’t it look fantastic? Also special thank yous to Gayla McCord, Chris Garrett, Gwen Bell, and my husband Jeremy Thornton.

I’ll be starting 2009 off with a Fit Girl series exploring the link between the childhood obesity epidemic and early puberty next week. You don’t want to miss it so make sure you can find us again with RSS feeds, email subscriptions or the Webazine.

To celebrate I’ve lined up OVER 25 26 gifts you can win. To win you only have to spread the word about The Girl Revolution.

TGR Launch Contest #1 – TGR Fit Girl Shirt

TGR Launch Contest #2 – Precious Girls Club

TGR Launch Contest #3 – I Deserve

TGR Launch Contest #4 – You’re Amazing!

TGR Launch Contest #5 – Happy Heart Princess

TGR Launch Contest #6 – Packaging Girlhood

TGR Launch Contest #7 – Mean Girls Grown Up

TGR Launch Contest #8 – Problogger Book

TGR Launch Contest #9 – 4 Juku Couture Dolls

TGR Launch Contest #10 – Choosing ME Before We

TGR Launch Contest #11 – MyDoItAll Nintendo DS Game

TGR Launch Contest #12 – Smart Girls Rock Ts

TGR Launch Contest #13 – Handy Hold All

TGR Launch Contest #14 – Girls Can Do Anything T-Shirt

TGR Launch Contest #15 – Backseat Drawing

TGR Launch Contest #16 – Klean Bath & Body Gift Certificate

TGR Launch Contest #17 – Kendra Binney Art

TGR Launch Contest #18 – March of Dimes Stork Tunes CD

TGR Launch Contest #19 – $75 Mayfair Lane Gift Basket

TGR Launch Contest #20 – Princess Bubble

TGR Launch Contest #21 – *Smoochalicious* Lip Conditioners

TGR Launch Contest #22 – Feel Good, Girl!

TGR Launch Contest #23 – Curse of the Shamra

TGR Launch Contest #24 – Mew Paper Arts

TGR Launch Contest #25 – It’s All About the Girl , $50

Launch Contest Rules

1. Twitter Me: @traceesioux and post the link to either a contest post OR a post from the archives and categories you appreciated. Follow me. Come back and leave a comment so I can keep track.

2. Facebook: Add me as your friend and post a link to either a contest post OR a post from the archives you appreciated. Come back and leave a comment so I’ll can keep track.

3. Blogroll: Change Empowering Girls: So Sioux Me links to The Girl Revolution links if I’m already in your blogroll or Add The Girl Revolution to your blogroll.

4. Leave a comment

5. Blog It. You get 1 entry in all 18 contests for any post announcing and linking to The Girl Revolution on your own site. Leave a link to the post.

6. Visit The Girl Revolution Store: Feel free to buy something. If you drop a link to your favorite item you’re entered to win.

7. The Girl Revolution Webazine: Sign up for the Webazine. Leave a comment saying you’re signed up on the prize you like best.

Enter as many times as you like – Just be sure to leave a comment saying what you did. I’ll be announcing prizes all week. Each contest will be announced 7 days after its posted. I’ll email winners directly and announce them in the The Girl Revolution Webazine.

27 replies
  1. Elsie says:

    Tracee!!!! Great job!!! I’m thrilled that we have women like you casting light to both moms and our beautiful girls. Thank you much and I cannot wait to be a part of it all 🙂

  2. mimbles says:

    I love the site design Tracee, it looks great – well done!

    I’ve updated my blogroll with the new url and I’m looking forward to lots of interesting reading and discussions 🙂

    mimbles’s last blog post..From my bookshelf

  3. keda says:

    Oooh! What a great new look Tracee! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and in that time I’ve sent the link to all the mothers of girls I know – although empowering girls-who-will-be-women is a job for all of us, including mothers of boys. (I’ve also just signed up to the girl revolution webazine!).

    keda’s last blog post..The ‘good’ toddler

  4. Tracee says:

    I couldn’t agree more Keda. We have lots of mothers of sons here. Thanks so much for being a loyal reader and spreading the word!

  5. Jeanne says:


    1) Tweet – check
    2) Facebook – was already linked prior – check
    3) Updated my blogroll for you yesterday – check
    4) Leave a zillion comments here – check
    5) I just posted about it here:… – check
    6) I like the “Girl Revolution 2” T-shirt. (Sooo, when are you going to have your hubby make up some stuff for me? This is awesome)!!
    7) Hmmm. The webazine. I have been working hard at unsubscribing to ALL feeds and magazines in an effort to get some semblance of control on my inbox. It had gotten up to almost 7,000 unread emails. Got it down to 2,400 or so. Went back up to 3,671 within a week! I can’t subscribe to anything because it will endanger my sanity. So I guess that it a “not check”.

    OK, I think I entered every way possible. I just won my 1st blog giveaway the other day. Maybe that was the start of a lucky streak? 🙂 So bring it on! I’m ready for my prizes. 🙂


    Jeanne’s last blog post..INFERTILITY, IVF, & Keeping Hope: Sarah Motes Ashley – Singer. Songwriter.

  6. Sean Tully says:

    Found your site through a link on Pink Stinks. I am the Dad of two wonderful girls. I aim to avoid stereotyping them along narrow and demeaning gender lines as much as possible. They have a world of possibilities ahead of them and it is my duty to offer and present a range and variety of opportunities to them so they can grow and flourish. The support and help of resources like yours will be invaluable. Keep up the good work!

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