A Business Coach’s View-The Business of Parenting

One of the things I love most about having a daughter is passing on what I know.

This is a wide range. I pass on sewing and cooking skills that I learned from my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I pass on housekeeping and cleaning secrets that have been passed down in my maternal lineage (baking soda, vinegar and a magic eraser will clean anything and everything).

I pass on the craft of writing and the skill of critically reading, I pass on the structure of a story, the love of letters, words and good study skills and habits.

Now, there are things that I’m only learning just now. Like, business and accounting. Prior to now, I had no idea what went into launching a skin care line or balancing my books or creating a profit margin.

My focus had always been on the creative side and I had assumed, wrongly I might point out, that I didn’t enjoy the business side of creativity.

I have discovered that, in fact, I do find it exciting. A small business accounting class that outlines foreign terms, turns out to be just as much of a turn on as painting the ponytail that will go on my label.

I am, quite honestly, having the most fun I think I’ve ever had in my life launching and developing TGR Body.

What makes it even more fun and even more exciting is that I’m sharing what I learn, as I learn it, with my kids. Especially Ainsley, who is nine and can take it all in. She’s having a blast organizing the distribution and shipping center we’ve set up in the basement, she’s painting label silhouettes at an easel right along side me, she’s reviewing the labels and offering suggestions and trying the products and can’t wait to print the shipping receipts and go to conferences and farmers markets to sell our product to real life people. We’re printing her some business cards and giving her a title. I’m thinking I’m going to give her an hourly wage.

To understand business, I have found, is very powerful. To be ignorant of how business works and be subjected to the whims of employers, has been one of the most powerless experiences of my life.

I am thrilled to be able to learn alongside Ainsley, knowing that that powerless business ignorance will not be part of her life, because of the experience of growing The Girl Revolution and launching TGR Body.

Where can I find a business coach?  Look no further than Tracee Sioux. Subscribe to her newsletter for more details.

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