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The Anti-Shocker


Hollister back to school t-shirts are inappropriate. They have sexualized messages on them.

I can’t even muster up any fake shock today. Sorry. Am I officially desensitized or just having an off week?

Jezebel can at least still muster up a paragraph of “gross and inappropriate.”

If we had half a brain we’d – as parents who buy their kids’ clothes – let Hollister, in this rough economy, go bankrupt. But I know us better than that now.

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  1. Nancy Gruver says:

    I know just what you mean about desensitized – it gets totally overwhelming all the junk we need to fight that demeans girls and women. But I suspect your energy for the fight will return…..

  2. Karen says:

    Only part of me is shocked. I’m not shocked at all at Holister’s actions. If I’m not mistaken, they are a part of Abercrombie and they’re known for their naked models in inappropriate poses. Part of me is shocked just because it’s wrong.

  3. Anna says:

    You are right we as parents could put Holister to bankruptcy but I guess unfortunately there are not enough of us out there. I know some don’t like it but they don’t have the guts to tell their teens No you can’t wear that.

  4. erin says:

    hollister is not just for girls in school but for 18+ as well, I have seen parents trying to fit there 8 year old daughters in their clothes. get them the ones that are not innapopriate. im 22 and i wear hollister and i like their clothing because they are fun just dont buy them for you daughters. their clothes are for highschool kids and up and im sure just being in highschool they know of more innapropiate stuff than that. just dont let them wear it. you cant keep them from seeing the same thing on tv if not worse but as long as their under your roof you can decide what they wear.

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