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Good Mama & Purple Hair on Today Show

  Ainsley's purple and blue hair were featured on the Today Show website! My mothering was the center of attention. How on earth did I attract this type of national media coverage? With a link back to my website? Ask. Seek. Knock. I've…
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Nearsighted Visionary

So I'm on the way to my grandmother's funeral in January and I realize something startling: I can't read the road signs. Over the summer there had been hints that perhaps I might be losing a little bit of my vision. But, I had convinced myself…
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Revolutionary Resolutions for 2013

Baths. Naps. Massage. Energy Work. Meditation. Sleep. Novels. Rest. Play. Healing. Fun. Joy. Travel. Dating. Contentment. Yes, these are my resolutions for 2013. I have professional goals and ambitions. I do. I have no doubt…