business not busy-ness
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Why Being a Woman in Business Doesn’t Mean a Woman in Busy-ness

Women are amazing. I have a deep love of incredible women in my life. I have been blessed by the Universe with wonderful, strong, loving women who are a part of my tribe and who have supported me through all of the ups and downs of walking my…

A Very Sane Christmas

About 12 years ago I cracked up at Christmas. Literally. I totally lost it. And I couldn't get it back. In a short period about a year before I had witnessed 9/11, had my first child, moved three times and quit/lost my job. But that didn't…
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THE Big Dream (The Naked Truth & Cover)

My memoir, The Year of YES! is coming out on Tuesday. THIS Tuesday. This is it. THE Big Dream. The Year of YES! is a real time, unfiltered, raw account of the year I said YES! to everything my Soul told me to do. It came on the heels of that…
You don't need money to live, but it sure is fun to have!
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Law of Attraction and Money: You Don't Need Money to Live

Year of YES Mastermind coaching can show you how to have fun without relying on money: For more information about how to live without all the money and still have fun check out:
I am loving who I am.
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The Year of YES!: Loving Who You Are

Check out The Year of YES! Coaching packages and find out what happens when you do everything your Soul tells you to do for one year: Find out more about loving who you are by checking out the Year of Yes! Coaching…
The Universe sent me gifts to remind me that I'm OK.
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Soul Path: You Are OK

Live from your Soul and remember that You are OK: Find out more about living from your soul:
The Universe sent me gifts to remind me that I'm OK.

Killing Writing, Conversation Murder

Good writing is being murdered as we speak. Powerful writing is facing extinction. To write means you have something to say. Something to explore. An observation to share. A challenge to overcome. A position. An experience worth relating.…
The Universe sent me gifts to remind me that I'm OK.
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My Hero (pssst...It's Me!)

             MY HERO               BY: AINSLEY   One of the people I admire is my mom.  First, one reason she is my hero is she is brave. She is brave because she likes to do dare-devil things. One thing she did that…