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Shaping Youth Director, Part II

This is a continuation of the interview with Shaping Youth Director Amy Jussel. Read Part I if you missed it. Using the tactics of industry insiders, Shaping Youth is embedding innovative programs that promote healthier, positive values by…
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Interview with Shaping Youth Director

This is an interview with Amy Jussel, the Founder & Executive Director of Shaping Youth, a nonprofit, nonpartisan consortium dealing with media and marketing's impact on kids. The interview was conducted by a student. Using the tactics of industry…

Perfect Ass

Ainsley, do not borrow shorts with words on the booty ever again. Is it possible that some parents don't understand how a word puzzle works? I can't think of any other reason they would let a little girl wear shorts that say Perfect Ass.
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F.U. B. K.

This would be funny on Saturday Night Live or John Stewart. As actual marketing targeted to children its disrespectful and inappropriate. Parents can effectively fight this kind of nonsense. Write a protest letter to Nickolodean, Sponge…
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Super Bowl Commercials

Did you see my series on the book So Sexy So Soon? Authors Diane Levin and Jean Kilbourne made a very compelling argument that companies - with their marketing - are making humans sexually attracted to objects. They are sexualizing objects.…

TGR Launch Contest #6 - Packaging Girlhood

Packaging Girlhood, written by Sharon Lamb and Lyn Mikel Brown, two board members of consumer advocacy group Shaping Youth, is about how "girlhood" has been co-opted by marketers. Packaging Girlhood guides parents through attempts to claim…

Link Sluts. Really?

I just saw this in "professional" marketing material for an upcoming book directed to women who want to work at home. "BTW, we're sluts for links so if you have a spot on your web site or blog, please feel free to send us a little link-love." REALLY?…
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Empowering Girls: Top 10 Posts in 2008

1. Pro-Ana Suicides 2. Roloffs & Gosselins 3. I Hate Sarah Palin! 4. Tone Turtle 5. Bikini Waxing Tweens & Early Puberty 6. Empowering Girls: 2 Girls 1 Finger - Parents Should Know 7. Lourdes Bashing 8. Empowering Girls: Girl…