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"Real" Human Barbie

The Internet is awash with controversy over whether a Ukrainian woman is a "natural" Barbie look-a-like. Did she have plastic surgery or didn't she? Uh, who cares? The more interesting question is why she wants to emulate an inanimate…
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Glee's Lea Michele, First GQ, Now in Bed With Dove

Last week Lea Michele, the lead actress and head Gleek on the hit television show Glee, was shot in a spread for GQ Magazine in poses intentionally looking like a hyper-sexual little girl. The lollipop, the school girl attire, common props for…
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Deconstructing Halloween Dress Up

Yesterday I ran a post, Girls Sexuality Exploited by Culture and I got a little flack. In 2008, I used the same photograph to juxtapose what real girls are wearing for Halloween versus the marketing for Halloween costumes, Empowering Girls…
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Girls Sexuality Exploited by Culture

Have you seen the stories about the Pornification of Halloween with alarming photos of girls who, it is implied, look more like "porn fantasies" than little girls playing dress up? I wrote one of them a few years ago. That was before…

Man Up And Mean Girl On Pepsi?

Did you know that Pepsi products like Amp Up are the leading cause of death in young men, causing cancer and early onset impotence? Just trying to think up an appropriate response to their foul and disgusting new iPhone App, "Before You Score." The…

Girl Effect

It's payday: Save a Slave, Save a Girl, Free a Woman - CHANGE THE WORLD!
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Sex God on That

The writer of Genesis makes it clear that in all of creation there is something different about humans. . . in some distinct, intentional way, something of God has been placed in them. . . a divine spark resides in every single human being. Everybody,…

Red, The Impostor's Daughter & Sex God

Red: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Todayis a compilation of essays by girls about their lives. "Its high time people stopped writing, talking and worrying about teenage girls and just let those girls speak for…