Cinderella Should Have Saved Herself

By Tracee Sioux Our daughters are inundated with Cinderella and her friends. Young girls love Cinderella and want to be her. For several years I allowed the Cinderella obsession to run rampant. I allowed the dress up clothes, books, movies,…

Empowering Girls: Frog Prince

You better be positive he's a prince before you marry him, Ainsley. I can't tell you how many women I know who married a toad and found out he was incapable of being anything other than a toad. (If you're not very careful you can marry…
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Empowering Girls: Choosing Princess

I was thinking about what I hate about the Princess Culture. It's the same reason I hate The Bachelor, Rock of Love and Flavor of Love - all Princess Culture derivatives. All the princesses wait to be CHOSEN. They never do the choosing. That's…
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Empowering Girls: Enchanted - New Generation Princess Fable

Disney's princess tales all attempt to answer one question: What do girls/women want? According to Disney's traditional message to little girls, what women want is to be saved by a prince, fall instantly in love and live happily ever after. As…
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Empowering Girls: Princess Culture Examined

Ever wonder how and why the Disney Princess Culture distorted and minimized girlness, leaving girls as the extra character or one that desperately needs to be saved? My film-maker friend, Aaron Lea, sent me this rejection letter to a Mary…

Frog Prince & Daddy

Kiss it. It might turn into a prince. You kiss it! I already got my Prince. This is what Daddy looked like when I found him.

Shrek the Third, Princess Confrontation

We took our kids and my mentee to see Shrek the Third (Widescreen Edition). I was thrilled to expose the girls to the scene where the Disney Princesses, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, deliberately nod off to sleep to "wait to be…

Hot Princes

By Tracee SiouxI saw Princes William and Harry on The Today Show. Wow, they turned out HOT! As a Femimommy who is adamantly Anti-Princess, does that mean I have to be Anti-Hot Prince? I even caught myself fantasizing that if I couldn't have…